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Approved Vendor

Titeā€¢Test Standard Pneumatic Test Plug, Size: 6" DWV Pipe

  • Designed for the testing of pipelines or to temporarily stop the flow
  • Each size is designed for one specific pipe size
  • Can be used in a variety of fitting applications and are suitable for most pipe materials
  • Conforms to irregular pipe shapes and to seal effectively
  • Manufactured from a durable natural rubber
  • Metal cap/core tool included
  • Come with a replaceable pressure relief valve and a 12 Inch chain and ring/tag
  • Technical Details
    Overall Length: 8.75 Inch
    Item Name: Test Plug
    Maximum Back Pressure: 13 psig Air
    Type: Single Size, Pneumatic, Standard
    Diameter: 5.25 Inch
    Length: 7.25 Inch
    Inflation Pressure: 30 psig
    Brand: Approved Vendor
    Sub Brand: Test-TiteĀ®
    Water Head: 30 ft
    Nominal Size: 6 Inch
    Material: Natural Rubber